Read more...We have not (thus far) found anyone willing to take on the role that David Grimes filled in operating this website. For David, it was a labor of love, it was his passion in life. But it was NOT a big income-producer.  This has made it challenging to find anyone to take his place. We know that local sports DO matter to people in this region, and would like to continue to offer news and highlights of local sports events. But how can we make that happen? Getting news reports from coaches would be ideal, but they have so much going on during and after games that sending in an update is too much to add to their workload.  What we need is an army of enthusiastic parents and sports fans who attend the games to take photos and send them to us with info about who's in the photo and what was happening, etc.  Is that something reasonable to ask? Let us know in the comments area below...we need to decide whether to keep this site up and running or just let it go.