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Carroll County logoCarroll County met host Richlands for its first Southwest District boys' soccer match of the season and it proved to be an intense one, as the Cavaliers rode away with a 3-2 overtime win.

The first half saw some great passing and shots by both teams; however, Richlands placed a great shot out of Carroll keeper's reach from a low pass in front of box. Score set at 1-0 at half for Richlands.

Later in the second half, Richlands scored again as a heavy shot was put on goal. Carroll keeper got a hand on the ball but it still pushed through to the back of the net. With about three minutes to go in the game Carroll County's Daniel Guzman placed a beautiful curving ball from corner for a textbook header by Tanner Edwards just out of reach of a diving Richlands keeper. Game now at 2-1. Moments later, in a scuffle right in front of Richlands net, Guzman nailed a low ball into goal bringing score to a tie at 2-2 and sending the game into overtime.

With only two five minute halves, both teams had a lot of work to do in a short amount of time. With Carroll having just scored twice in just a few short minutes, they had momentum. That proved to be all they needed as Cody Jones found an opportunity to rip a low ball into goal just within the eighteen. Game now set at 3-2. Second half of overtime saw many attempts, but no goals for either team. Carroll defense was able to close down a hungry Richlands offense till the final whistle giving Carroll County Cavs its first district win.

Tanner Edwards led the Cavaliers (3-1-1, 1-0) with one goal. Daniel Guzman added a goal and an assist, while Cody Jones had a goal

Cameron Marshall recorded six saves for Carroll County.

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